Each blossom is hand-made starting with paper pulp. Abaca fibre is a type of paper pulp made from the leaves of the Abaca tree, which is a relative of the banana tree. It is an extremely high shrinkage fibre. The dried sculptural shapes are extremely strong and will not tear or warp. I "pull" the paper in the manner used for more than a 1,000 years, using a mould and deckle. The blossoms are two "sheets" of wet paper with string or thin wire imbedded between them. The organic flower shape is due to the shrinkage as each piece dries, no longer flat, but rising at the intersection of the strings or wires. I can guide the shrinkage, but cannot control it, so each flower is unique, just as in nature. Each blossom is then hand painted and the African beads are wired to the inside. The structure is steel wire that I hammer to give it dimension and strength.
 This is a vertical mobile created in style of Alexander Calder.
 The mobile is quite light and can hang with fishing line, from a cup hook in the ceiling.
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